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Spring time

This week the children have been enjoying the change in weather outside, we’ve had a mix of rain and plenty more sunny days to enjoy. There has been climbing on the climbing frames, washing bikes, cleaning windows, finding numbers in the garden and some of the children went for an adventure to the woods!

With such a mix of weather at the moment please ensure your child has the all the bits they will need to enjoy it including;

  1. Sun hat/ winter hat

  2. Lots of changes of clothes (puddle suits can only protect them to an extent!)

  3. Wellies and waterproofs (to stay at nursery)

  4. A coat (we can always take it off if too hot!)

  5. Layers of clothes; long sleeved tops, t-shirts, vests

  6. Appropriate footwear on feet (preferably velcro to encourage independence)

SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS!! We are always running out of socks and in desperate need of spares so please make sure your child has enough and we would welcome any donations of socks for nursery! Thank you 🙂 PLEASE label ALL your children’s belongings.

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