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Free education and childcare for 2-year-olds


Early learning is good for children. Its fun, safe and can help with children's talking and listening skills. Your child may be eligible for free childcare of up to 15 hours per week, for 38 weeks of the year (or an equivalent amount) from the term after their 2nd birthday.

     2nd birthday between                 Becomes eligible from

     1 April and 31 August                     Start of Autumn Term

     1 September and 31 December   Start of Spring Term

     1 January and 31 March                 Start of Summer Term

Your 2-year-old can get free childcare if you live in England and get one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support

  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)

  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

  • Universal Credit, and your household income is £15,400 a year or less after tax, not including benefit payments

  • tax credits, and your household income is £16,190 a year or less before tax

  • the guaranteed element of Pension Credit

  • the Working Tax Credit 4-week run on (the payment you get when you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit)

2-year-olds can also get free childcare if they:

If you think you are eligible then please apply at, and as soon as you have your code please book a visit.  When we receive your code, completed registration form, and a copy of your childs birth certificate then we can reserve your space.

15 hours free childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds


All 3 to 4-year-olds in England can get 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year, but you can choose to take fewer hours over more weeks. At our nursery this works out to be 3 sessions per week term-time, or two sessions per week over 51 weeks of the year (one session is one morning or afternoon).

If you would like to apply, please complete a registration form, return the form to us along with a copy of your childs birth certificate then we can reserve your space.

30 hours free childcare for 3 and 4-year-olds



Working parents of three and four year olds are potentially eligible for an additional 15 hours a week childcare which is known as the 30 Hours Free Childcare.

This entitlement, introduced in September 2017, entitles eligible families to up to 1140 hours per year of free childcare. This can be accessed as 30 hours per week during term time (38 weeks) or it can be used more flexibly over the whole year, for example 22 hours per week over 51 weeks of the year.

At our nursery we offer 6 sessions per week term-time, or 4 sessions per week 51 weeks of the year (one session is classed as morning or afternoon - a Full Day is two sessions).


Children are eligible from the term following their 3rd birthday until they reach compulsory school age.

Both parents (or the sole parent, if a one parent family), will need to be in work and earning the equivalent of 16 hours per week at the National Minimum Wage. This will be inclusive of those families receiving tax credits or universal credit. Parents must be working and each earning at least £120 a week, but no more than £100,000 a year.


Eligibility will continue should a parent be away from work temporarily (sick or maternity). Families where one parent is working and the other has a disability or substantial caring responsibilities should also be eligible.



You need to apply for the entitlement though the GOV.UK website.

Apply for 30 hours free childcare

You must apply for the entitlement the term before you wish to start using it. 

If you are eligible, you will be issued an eligibility code which you must give to us along with your National Insurance number and child’s DOB. You will need to fill out a Validation Form, so that we can validate your entitlement and confirm the date when you can access the entitlement from. 

You are expected to reconfirm your eligibility for the 30 hours through the GOV.UK website every 3 months (failure to do this will result in your entitlement ceasing).

If your employment circumstances change; it may affect your entitlement the next time you reconfirm your eligibility.  Your childcare provider will let you know if you are approaching your entitlement end date (called a grace period) and need to reconfirm.

When you receive your code, completed registration form, your Validation Form, and a copy of your childs birth certificate then we can reserve your space.

Tax-Free Childcare



You can receive up to £2,000 per child per year - that's up to £500 every three months. If you have a disabled child, you can receive up to £4,000 per child - that's up to £1,000 every three months.

Am I eligible?

You, and any partner, must be over 16 and each expect to earn (on average) at least £139 per week (equal to 16 hours at the National Minimum or Living Wage). 

If you, or your partner, are on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or you're unable to work because you are disabled or have caring responsibilities, you could still be eligible. 

You can't get Tax-Free Childcare if either you, or your partner, each individually expect to earn £100,000 or more.

How can I use it?

You can use Tax-Free Childcare all year round to spend on regulated childcare, such as:

  • Childminders, nurseries and nannies

  • Before and after-school clubs and holiday clubs

For example, if your childcare costs are £750 per month, you would pay £600 into your childcare account and the government would pay in £150. This would be an annual saving of £1,800 per child.

Please view the step by step guide on how to use Tax-Free Childcare.

You can use Tax-Free Childcare at the same time as (where available):

You can't use it with:

Please see the tax-Free Childcare Calculator to see your savings, and to work out how much you need to put in to your account.