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Social Interactions…

Social interactions happen on a daily basis for children attending nursery. From our little ones in the 0-2’s room to our 3 year olds in the Foundation Unit, being social is paramount in a child’s development. 

At 0-12 months younger babies use smiling, cooing, body movements, sounds  and facial expressions to interact with peers and familiar adults. As babies get older they will begin to participate in copying games and simple peek a boo. Babies thrive from positive adult and peer responses and an attentive mannerism. In the 0-2’s room our little ones have opportunities to socialise all day long and even from a young age friendships are formed with peers. 

Around the ages of 1-2 years old children’s social skills will flourish and by gaining skills such as walking, their confidence will grow. At nursery activities using mirrors are a great way to show children how we can change our facial expression. Promoting sharing and turn taking is also an important social skill to learn during this time. Within the 0-2’s room adults model this during different times of the day for example snack time and group time.  

Towards the ages of 2-3 years children will start to play alongside peers as well as engaging in co-operative play. Friendships and bonds with peers become stronger during this time and children will seek out and invite others into their play. In the 2-3’s room, key groups are supportive of social interactions. Children will engage in short activities within their groups, promoting social development. 

Here are a few snaps of social interactions in action…

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