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Sensory time in the 0-2’s…

Over the past couple of weeks in the 0-2’s room the children have been participating in sensory activities for group time. They have enjoyed using the light box alongside sensory items investigating different textures and sounds. 

Within our 0-2’s room sensory play is an important part of children’s learning and links to all areas of development. The sensory corner is colour themed in black, red and white. Toys which encourage touch, looking and listening are easily accessible for example sensory bottles, shiny items and natural items.

Messy play is something the children in the 0-2’s room do on a daily basis both in the indoor and outdoor environments. From water play to shaving foam to paint! Messy play is lots of fun!

Sensory play supports children’s language development, cognitive growth, fine motor skills and social interactions. It is also crucial for babies brain developments, building nerve connections in the brains pathways. 

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