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"If at first you don’t suceed…try, try and try again…" Jiminy Cricket

Here at nursery it is our role to provide a stimulating and thought provoking environment. When carrying out daily observations, practitioners will link what they have seen with statements in the Early Years Foundation Stage. A fundamental part of this is the Characteristics of Effective Learning…how do children play. Practitioners will look out for how engaged the children are, are they actively learning and how they create and think critically.

These pictures show different aspects of the Characteristics of Effective Learning…

Threading activities are brilliant for problem solving, encouraging children to persevere when challenges may occur to reach personal goals. Threading is also a fantastic concentration builder, supporting children to remain engaged for short periods. 

Construction activities can support children to learn to think critically, problem solve, plan and change strategy when needed. 

Here is an example of active learning. Learning to walk comes with lots of challenges but by developing the skills to persist and change approach when needed, children’s own goals will be achieved. 

Here is another example of keeping on trying…tummy time!

All aspects of children’s play are linked to the Characteristics of Effective Learning, working alongside each other. 

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