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Direct Debit

As part of the improvements, we are introducing a Direct Debit scheme which will simplify the way you can pay your account.

As you may be aware, Direct Debit is the most cost effective way of making payments.

Direct Debit Has Many Benefits Which Include:

 Improved Financial Management – a regular payment method which enables you to plan your cashflow accurately: you know when the funds will leave your account.  Reduced Paperwork – with Direct Debit, there is only one piece of paper to sign and no more cheques to handle or standing orders to organise saving you a considerable amount of valuable time.  You Remain in Control – you will still be given your invoice at the start of the month, but payment will not be taken until the 27th of the month (later if this is a weekend)  Peace of Mind – Direct Debit is an efficient and above all secure method of payment.  The Direct Debit Guarantee – this means that you will receive an immediate refund in the unlikely event of any error.

You can download a Direct Debit Mandate by clicking here Once we have received your completed mandate, we will write to you with regard to your future payments.

Please Note: No change will take place until you have been given formal written notice. There is no need to contact your bank at this time.

There is a cost of £2.50 to set up the direct debit, but until the 8th April 2011 it is FREE. So please don’t hesitate had back your form as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE At a recent Directors meeting, it was decided that because we are having problems collecting money from some parents that after the third time there is a late payment (after the end of the month) you will be expected to pay by DIRECT DEBIT in the future.

When you fill in the Direct Debit form please do not fill in the REFERENCE NUMBER, we will do this for you.

Sometime Childcare vouchers, from your employer, are late getting to us, please don’t worry about it. We know that the vouchers don’t get processed until the end of the month and it can take a few days to get to us.

If you have any questions then please contact me on (01803) 316959 on a Tuesday or Thursday 9-3 or by email at

Please remember to have your forms back by Friday 8th April 2011

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