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Staff meetings…

As a nursery we hold a staff meeting once a month, from 6pm to 7.30pm. During these meetings Mary and Tasha our management team will discuss a variety of subjects. Last night we discussed our behaviour policy, our nursery values and aims and the Torbay Healthy learning website. These monthly meetings provide a great opportunity to discuss what has happened during the month in the nursery and allow staff to feedback as a whole group. If staff have been on training throughout the month, the staff meeting is also a way for those individuals to discuss any information they have gathered from their training courses. 

During last nights meeting we discussed a new website that Torbay Local Authority have launched… This website is full of information for both early years practitioners and parents. It provides information on emotional health and well being, nutrition, physical activity and health and relationships.

Another topic which was discussed was our nursery values and aims. Please look out for the display which shows these by the main door.

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