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Increase in Fees from 1st April 2012

Dear Parent / Carer, As you are aware we are a ‘Community Interest Company’ and so all monies are for the sole use of the nursery (and do not go to any share holder, like a lot of the other private nurseries). When we first opened, back in 2006, we had funding from a SureStart grant, which helped us over the first few years. Since then the only money we receive is through paying parents, and this has to pay for everything in the nursery (this includes staff wages, cleaning, consumables, equipment, services etc). Over the last 2 years we have been unable to make a profit and without any profit we will not be able to improve the setting. We do not pay our staff a fantastic wage, and the directors are unpaid and give up their time to help with the strategic management of the nursery. We also do not pay staff for fund raising events and activity days. Because of this, from 1st April 2012, we have to increase our fee’s inline with other nurseries within the surrounding area. We are very sad to have to do this, because we pride ourselves on being extremely competitive. We also need to ensure we are in a position to maintain our very high standards, employing experienced and highly qualified staff.

Full Day £36.00 Morning £22.50 Afternoon £20.50

Please remember that we do not charge for Bank Holidays or Christmas closures like other nurseries. We have checked with similar nurseries in the area and we are still competitive.

Many thanks

Nik Salter

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