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Forest school – Week commencing 05.08.19

We have been developing our hands on and physical skills through use of a ‘bow’ saw and a small hacksaw this week. Our friends made ‘tree cookies’ (small cut offs from a tree branch) using the ‘bow’ saw. With the hacksaw the small group created pieces to go in our bug house. Sawing bamboo canes to make smaller ones. The children demonstrated great concentration and determination skills, even through the tricky parts. This activity is a great way to develop a sense of achievement and a greater understanding of why risks need to be managed according to the task at hand.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our trips to the woods this week. The forest school group have set up camp at the back of the woods, making lots of discoveries. We found a tree that we could practise climbing and a bear cave! The children pretended to make a fire to keep warm. Our friends also thought of ideas to keep the bear away, banging sticks together. One friend put leaves on their body and said they were ‘camouflage’. 

During our time outdoors we encourage children to look for ways to manage their own risks, supporting accordingly. 

The children enjoyed heating up bananas filled with chocolate for tea on the fire!

Using images a small group started to draw and make their own houses, ‘tree houses, human houses, badger houses’ and a home for our favourite soft toys. 

One of our friends kindly bought in some pine cones and a tiger moth for us to look at. 

“tickly”, “soft”, “spikey” and “small”

This led onto us looking at insect and butterfly books and creating artwork.

Some more moments captured this week…

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