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Corona virus Update

Dear All

We are writing to keep you updated about our plans regarding the Corona-virus.

This is extremely uncharted territory for us and we are following government guidelines closely. It is hard to predict how this will impact us, and until we are told otherwise we will continue as normal, while being extremely cautious about those who are unwell, children and parents alike.

In the event of national closures we will take the view that our first priority, as citizens, is to follow government guidelines, otherwise the spread will continue unabated. This is a very serious virus which is dangerous to vulnerable members of our society.

Insurance companies are NOT covering any nurseries for any Corona-virus-related closures. In the event of closure, in order to protect the nursery and continue to pay our staff we will continue to charge as normal in the short term. We expect that most employers will do the same. For a longer closure we will have to see what government measures are in place at that point in time, and at this stage we are unable to predict what may happen. Our main priority is remaining solvent enough to return as normal when this crisis is over, and to look after our staff’s best interests.

Please do not try and provide group childcare for your children in order to continue working. The more seriously everyone takes the government advice, the quicker this rather bewildering situation will pass.

We will continue to update you on a regular basis.

As of 16.30 on Thursday March 12th we remain open as usual for the time-being.

Nik Salter

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