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An exciting bubble activity with Becky…

The children watched a short video called ‘do you know?’ and the theme was how bubbles work. We learnt we needed water and washing up liquid to create bubble solution.

Our friends filled a cup with water and the lady on the video told us that when you fill a glass with water it has a thin layer of skin which is called surface tension. She told us to place our finger on the top and the surface tension would slowly lift to the top.

The children copied the action. She then told us that paper clips are made out of metal and metal is heavy so the paper clip should sink. The lady added her paper clip to the water and it floated because of the surface tension. We added our paper clip and it sank.

The children thought of different ideas to why our paper clip sank.

“We have the wrong paper clip”

“Maybe it’s too big”

“Maybe it’s too small”

“Maybe we need two paper clips”

“Maybe we need new water”

“I think the surface water is broken”

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