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Children are welcome from ages 3 months to 5 years. Children are required to be registered for a minimum of 2 sessions over 2 days of the week. All parents / carers must complete a registration form, and our settling in forms, detailing in full any health, dietary, medical, medicinal, allergic, or other special needs.



  • Fees are payable in accordance with the published tariff. Fees quoted are for per child.

  • Fees are reviewed regularly, if there are any changes to the fees a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice will be given.

  • There is a £100 deposit required for any parent who takes up paid sessions, or don’t have a funding code at the time of registering. Without this we cannot reserve your space. The deposit is refundable when your child leaves us. If you fail to take up a space at our nursery, then your deposit will be non-returnable.

  • There is no charge for settling in sessions or home visits.

  • The nursery is not open for bank holidays or between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, we are also closed two days per year for training, there is no charge for these days.

  • The nursery charges full rate for all sickness, please see the parent’s handbook for exclusion periods.

  • There is a Holiday discount of 40% if a months’ notice is given via email. Holiday dates will not be taken verbally.

  • If I cancel my place before starting, I will be liable for one month’s fees.

  • If the start date changes then I will be liable for the costs of care until the new start date (this can be booked as holiday with a reduction of 40%).












  • Invoices for childcare fees will be sent out at the beginning of the month, and you have until the last working day of that month to pay for your childcare.

  • If payment is not made by the end of the month then payment is required the next time your child is due in. Failure to pay and your child will not be allowed into the nursery.

  • If your child stops attending the nursery, then a 4 weeks notice period is required, this also applies if we cancel your child’s place due to non-payment, or for other reasons (child will not be allowed to attend).

  • WPS Childrens Centre CIC have a policy to take non-payers to court to recover fees, this will also incur extra charges including court fees.

  • If extra sessions are available, then you can book these up to a month ahead, one extra sessions have been agreed they can not be cancelled.


There are administration charges in place and these are as follow:

  • LATE PAYMENTS: will incur an initial £10.00 fee from the first day of the month. After the 7th day from when the payment was due, the outstanding balance will have an increase of 5%; and a further 5% increase per week until the payment is paid.

  • COLLECTION OF CHILDREN the charge for a late pick up of children is £10 for the first 15 minutes and £15 for each subsequent 15 minutes.

  • CHANGE OF SESSIONS: due to the cost of implementing session changes, there is a charge for parents who wish to change their sessions more than once in a two month period. The fee is £20 per change. (You can change sessions once every two months FREE of charge).

  • NAPPIES: you must supply your own nappies, if we have to use one of our nappies then there will be a charge of £1.



  • Cheques that are declined will incur a £20 fee

  • You can pay by Tax-Free Childcare, Cash, Bacs or Paypal (debit / Credit Cards)



To function properly Watcombe Children’s Centre Nursery needs to collect and use certain types of information about staff, children and other individuals who come into contact with the nursery. We are also obliged to collect and use data to fulfil our obligations to Torbay Council and other bodies. The Data Protection Act 1998 specifies safeguards which must be adhered to concerning the collection, recording and use of data collected, whether on paper or on a computer, and we accept and conforms to these safeguards (Further details can be found on our website)

If you give us a funding code you agree that we will share any funding code with Torbay Council.



It is our policy to support parents / carers by offering the Early Years Entitlement flexibly, either as stand-alone sessions (Early Years Entitlement-only) or as part of a broader booking pattern (fee-paying nursery place). Some places may be limited, with availability being given first to children already in our care, their siblings and then to new clients on a first-come-first-served basis. The dates of the funded weeks vary from year to year.


Sessions will only be reserved and confirmed once we have received this registration form,

your childs Birth Certificate (or their red book), and a copy of your funding code. Sessions are

dependent on places and availability.


All funding can be spread out over the year if you wish, this means that you can either have

15 hours term-time, or 10 hours 51 weeks of the year. (double if you can claim the 30 hours)


2 Year Funding

  • You will need to show proof of entitlement to receive the two year old funding.


3 Year Funding

  • 30 Hours of funding is available if you meet certain criteria. Please visit for more information, and to apply for a eligibility code.

  • If you are entitled to the 30 hours, then please fill out a Validation Form so we can validate your claim.

  • You will need to revalidate your eligibility every 3 months (a reminder will be sent via text or email from HMRC at least 4 weeks prior to check)

  • If you fail to check, you will then become non-eligible, and your funding will stop.

  • If you become non-eligible, for any reason, then you will only be able to use the extra

  • 15 hours up to the end of the ‘Grace Period’ (more details on the Grace Periods can be obtained from the Nursery Office). You may maintain your extra hours by paying for them, but we will ask for a deposit if you have not already paid one.

  • Becoming non-eligible would still allow you to use your 15 hours Universal Early Education Entitlement, and these sessions would need to be within our session times.


All Funding (both 2 year and 3 year old funding)

  • If you give false information on the registration form, you will be asked to reimburse the provider. This includes if you have hours at another provider and claim too many hours.

  • Every term you will be required to sign a Funding Declaration form, so that we can claim Funding from Torbay Council. You should understand that if you do not sign the funding form, then you will be liable for all costs for all the sessions your child have received and all sessions up to the end of the school term.

  • Any hours that fall outside of the funded entitlement are charged in line with our standard tariffs. Under scheme rules, parents / carers registering for Early Years Entitlement-only sessions are not required to pay a registration fee, however a registration fee will be required to access all other sessions. Early Years Entitlement sessions are offered in line with the DfE and Local Authority’s Codes of Practice and are subject to their terms and conditions.

  • Please note that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their application for Early Years Entitlement funding is made in line with the LEA’s requirements. Late, incomplete or invalid applications may result in nursery fees being charged at our normal rates for these sessions.

  • Funded sessions are not transferable - you can not change the day your funding is allocated due to holidays or Bank Holidays.

  • If you want to change from All Year to Term-time then this will only change at the beginning of a term.



  • The nursery operates an open access to all policies and I am welcome during normal hours to view the policies and procedures under which the nursery operates, these are also available on our website

  • The nursery will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss my child’s progress and any concerns at an agreed time.

  • The nursery cannot undertake the care of sick children as clearly laid out in our policies and procedures and the nursery should be notified of any sickness

  • Parents should inform the nursery if their child will not be attending their session

  • Any change of circumstances should be notified to the nursery, including any changes to your contact details or any other relevant information which may affect the care of your child – this must be done via email.

  • Any changes to sessions, either session changes or extra sessions, must be emailed if you would like to request a session change. Sorry we are unable to swap sessions.

  • You will be informed of my childs transition between rooms, and or the school. If space is not available in my childs next room, then my child will remain where they are until space becomes available.

  • Watcombe Children’s Centre Nursery will not be held liable for loss or damage to my childs clothing and belongings. We ask you to name all your childs clothing.

  • Any information may be shared by the nursery to other professionals to support the care, learning and development of my child.

  • Sometimes we might need to keep children from moving to the next age group room if there is insufficient space available, or due to their developmental needs.



  • The email I have given can be used for the delivery of my childs observations by Tapestry.

  • The email I have given can be used to contact me, but do not give permission to give it to marketing companies.

  • Watcombe Childrens Centre Nursery will be used to create a Tapestry online learning journey for my child.

  • Parents agree to uphold the nurseries request not to share or upload any photographs showing other children.

  • You must agree to keep my Tapestry log-in details secure.




These terms and conditions came in to force on the 06/06/2024

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