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Our Zoo trip

Yesterday some of the 0-2’s enjoyed a lovely trip, spending the day at the zoo with Chloe, Maria and Katie.

First, we took a lovely walk to Babbacombe to catch the open top bus. We saw lot’s of things on our bus journey, we waved to the boats on the sea and even waved to a steam train at the train station!

Once arriving at the zoo, we eagerly visited the crocodiles. One of the crocodiles was swimming in the water which was exciting! We waved and clapped our hands together whilst saying “snap snap”.  

Next we visited the goats! We gently stroked a goat called “Toad” he was very soft.

Lot’s of the other goats wanted to see us!

During the afternoon we visited the giraffe’s, lions and tigers. We watched the giraffe’s having their lunch!

“Shhhhh the lions asleep”

After an extremely busy day, we enjoyed a lovely ice cream before catching the bus back to nursery.

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