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On our recent training day in January the staff had a little taster of learning about ‘Hygge’. You may be thinking what is ‘Hygge’? Hygge is a Scandinavian concept based around the simple things in life, promoting positivity and moments in life that bring joy and appreciation. Hygge stems from countries like Finland and Denmark who rank the highest in the world in happiness ratings. Hygge is about reading stories by a warm fire, drinking hot chocolate with friends and relishing in calm environments. 

One of the aspects of ‘Hygge’ is bringing nature inside. Today at nursery the children have been embracing this, planting different herbs in pots and bringing them inside. Sonia chatted with the children and asked questions about what the plants smelt like, and how they might change in time. 

We will be incorporating some aspects of ‘Hygge’ into our setting and daily practise. Keep a look out on the blog to see what we have been doing.

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