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Forest school w/c 29.07.19

Our forest school children had another fun filled week. Our friends have been learning about fire safety, bugs and team work. 

Sarah introduced the children to fire safety this week, the children had many discussions about what to do when the camp fire is lit, focusing on safe walking and appropriate behaviour. The children got to learn how to use a flint, with the support of Sarah, making their very own sparks. A group of children made a small fire, using dry wood and cotton wool.

We have spent lots of time at Brunel woods, exploring new areas to climb and manoeuvre.  

A strong interest has been displayed in all things bugs particularly woodlice, butterflies and ladybirds. Our friends discussed big habitats and decided to go on a bug hunt. During one lunch time a big caterpillar crawled into our camp circle! The children later found out it was a lime hawk moth, one of the largest we will see.  

We went on a hunt for animal tree cookies, the ‘The ready bush’ team went in search for hedgehogs and badgers, whilst the ‘Triceratops’ team looked out for spiders and frogs.

Some friends used spades to search for them in the digging area. 

The children continued a different activity in the digging area, collecting mud to create artwork. Some even found some dinosaur bones!

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