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Feedback from parents evenings…

We would again like to thank parents who attended parents evening this week we received some lovely comments on summaries and wanted to share these.

“We are so pleased with our child’s progress and how much is confidence and social interactions have flourished”.

“I have seen our child grow and progress since she has been here, its been the best thing ever for her, she really has blossomed”.

“My child continues to love coming to nursery and happily talks about her day”. 

“Our child is very happy at Watcombe Nursery and continues to enjoy and grow in confidence-we are very happy with her development”.

“We are so pleased how well our child has settled into nursery and are really happy with how he has developed his confidence. He has a lovely relationship with his keyworker and other staff which is comforting to us”. “Very happy with the nursery and all staff. Thank you”.  

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