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A trip to Shaldon…17/04/19

A group of children enjoyed a trip to Shaldon during the Easter break with Sarah, Charley, Sonia, Katie and Rachel. They started their adventure by taking the bus along the coast road. The children were very excited!

When we got to Shaldon, we walked towards the beach and looked out at the boats!

Then we walked some more to find somewhere to sit and have some snack!

We came across this amazing castle and the children were very excited to see it. We sat by the pond and watched the fish swimming around!

When we got back to the beach we decided to find somewhere to have an ice-cream! They were yummy! Then we went on to the beach and looked for stones and shells.  We even threw some stones in to the water which was lots of fun!

We had such an great day and we were all very tired when we returned! 

We can’t wait for our next trip!

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